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What are the advantages of our Gasoline trimmers & brush cutter?

Time:2021-09-07 10:50:04

1.The design of the throttle handle is ergonomic and more comfortable to use.

2.High performance es-starter makes starting easier.

3.26mm thickened professional operating rod.

4.Special piston surface coating treatment technology. Superior wear characteristics, reduce the risk of cylinder drawing.

5.AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Professional grade air filter gives long operating time and trouble free use.

6.WELL-BALANCED DESIGN: The well-balanced design means easy and convenient work.

7.COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The handle is vibration-dampened and adjustable for comfortable operation.

8.PROFESSIONAL ENGINE BSTRONG AND STABLE POWER: Strengthen the dust-proof performance of carburetor to better protect carburetor.

9.CUTTING ATTACHMENT: The cutting attachment can be used with either a grass blade or a trimmer head, allowing you to quickly switch between different work tasks.

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