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What are the advantages of our Gasoline chainsaw?

Time:2021-09-07 10:49:38

1. SAFETY: High speed braking, multiple protection, to protect the safety of users.

2. EASY TO START: Thanks to the damper spring installed in our Super e-START, it reduces recoil pulling force and achieves smoother pulling operation.

3. ERGONOMICS: Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort. Shock absorption design of the whole machine. Improve the comfort of use. Reduce fatigue caused by vibration.

4. AIR FILTER SYSTEM: High efficiency air filter system which reduces engine exposure to dirt and debris for less maintenance and longer life.

5. ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT: Ultra lightweight reduces operator fatigue and enables operators to maneuver in tight spaces.

6. SMALL AND POWERFUL ENGINE: Professional engine, strong and stable power.

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